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Fall Mum Fundraiser

Hello Families,
KBK PTO will be selling Fall Mums again!

These beautiful Hardy Fall Mums are grown in a 7” x 7” pot.

Standard finishing measurements are 14-16” wide and 11-13”

tall (not including the pot measurements). All of our Mums

come from a local, family-owned greenhouse and are field

grown in natural conditions, leading to a hardy robust plant

that will last throughout the Fall season when cared for

properly. Mums arrive budded or just starting to crack color.

  • Cost: $10

  • Quantity: Only 500 Mums will be available for purchase with limited

    quantities of each color

  • Color: Select your color choice at checkout – Choose between Red,

    White, Orange, Yellow, Purple, or Bronze

  • Orders are only available through our Web Store

  • Orders close on 8/28/23

  • Mums are arriving to Blackberry Creek Elementary this THURSDAY September 21st. We need help unloading the truck; there is over 500 mums. We need people! Please sign up

  • Pick up will be from 2:30pm-5:30pm. If you can't pick up your mums please have someone else do it for you.


Thank you for supporting the PTO this school year!

Questions? Website:

2022 Fall Mum Fundraiser PICTURE.jpg
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